Friday, July 2, 2010


Make your life always healthy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up in smoke: Indonesian child-teen smokers rising, AS

JAKARTA (AP) Ardi Rizal, 2, is furious when his parents refuse a cigarette. His father gave him his first time he was only 18 months.

The child of smoking was a reporter who recently visited his home in the fishing village of Musi Banyuasin, south to visit the Indonesian province of Sumatra. I'm not concerned about their health, looks healthy, shrugged the boy's father Mohammad Rizal.

Shout, he throws tantrums when he does not smoke. It is a drug addict.

Young revealed Ardi is the end of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency, 25 percent of Indonesian children aged 3-15 years have tried cigarettes, with 3.2 percent of active smokers.

The proportion of the increased 5 - to 9 years, from lighting to 0.4 percent in 2001 to 2.8 percent in 2004, said the agency. A video of a boy of four years in Indonesia to smoke rings appeared briefly on YouTube in March, prompted outrage before it is removed from the site.

Child advocates speak about the health damage from tobacco smoke, the children, and be bought to bring the increasing pressure on them a cigarette in a country where one third of the population tobacco, snuff and tobacco use in larger quantities from a few cents. Seto Mulyadi, President of the Commission for the Protection of Children in Indonesia, the increase in aggressive advertising and parents who are smokers.

A law should be to protect children and passive smoking are immediately introduced into this country, he said. A health law passed in 2009 formally recognized that smoking is addictive, and a coalition against tobacco, snuff is a larger smoking ban in public places are pushing for a ban on advertising and size of health warnings on cigarette packs.

But a draft law on control of the snuff is advised because of opposition from the tobacco industry to a standstill. The bill to ban advertising and sponsorship of cigarettes, banning smoking in public, and add graphics for packaging.

Benny Wahyudi Senior Ministry of Industry, has said the government had a plan to try, the number of smokers, including the reduction to limit production to 240 billion cigarettes this year of 245 million, initiated in 2009. The government is aware of the impact of smoking on health, and launched initiatives to increase, including reducing the production of cigarettes, the taxes and limiting smoking areas, he said.

Mulyadi said a ban on advertising is important to keep children and young people from smoking. If cigarette advertising is banned, no more children, whose lives are threatened because of smoking, he said.

ubiquitous advertising a bump last month when cigarette manufacturers were forced to withdraw its sponsorship of the concert by pop star Kelly Clarkson, following protests from fans and snuff tobacco. But the introduction of a message that not smoking, it would be difficult in Indonesia, the world's largest consumer of tobacco-third.

Hary Tubagus Karbyanto, a member of the National Commission Snuff Control said that Indonesia must also take into account the social conditions that lead to smoking, pressure such as family influences and peer. Health promotion is part of the smallest unit was in our society, public health centers and centers for primary care of the family was quoted by the Jakarta Globe on Friday.

The Health Minister has admitted that smoking young Endang Sedyaningsih be in a country that as positive, because the cigarette companies are no grants for sports sponsorship is perceived difficult. This is the challenge for us in protecting young people from the dangers of smoking, said in a statement of the Ministry's website.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dental Insurance and Why You Must Take It

One of the fundamental questions that are safe, but some of us do not have much importance is worth adding that when washing, the teeth are. It describes our beauty, and beauty are the bars that makes people interesting. You must ensure that your teeth when you consider that dental care is the high price. A comprehensive agreement will reduce the price protection or dental care to dental restorations.

A complete protection of the dental plan will ensure that not burn a deep hole in your pocket after rising medical costs, and then in the dental treatment. Select specializes in insurance coverage, or large companies that many people have helped with dental insurance.

The main providers of insurance, including coverage, a group that can offer the benefits of dental insurance provide for all members of your family tree. Every time you get full coverage full cover for the whole lot of root canals of teeth can be ensured. Consult a provider of hedge insurance when you by a working group aesthetic is to be covered. Although it is doubtful there are particular companies, I have to do what certainly offer a smile to your face!

You can not believe that insurance companies or behind you as you with the following life insurance or health insurance only.

Dental insurance is more a matter of personal will, but common sense must inform you that it is better to have dental insurance. All of us feel the pain of all the problems in the teeth over time, and people have tolerated, is that likely to report pain is also one of the worst affected lot in your life.

Continue on this cover is for the brakes. In the case of young people, a scenario in which they want the keys could. It is desirable that the policy of insurance also covers the buttons. One has to know better, is there a difference between a plan and a dental program of low-cost dental care. In a dental discount plan, with a special interest in dental care. Plus, you get the privilege of only a few dentists. In a dental insurance plan, you receive only if they are related to health insurance benefits. You have to pay money and get a full refund or you can have a franchise.

How do you take dental insurance plan in order to explore the details of the prize money, the extra payments, inclusions, releases and deductibles. It is important to try to find low premium, but most consider this factor. But the benefits you receive and the defense in depth, which should simply be the result of a policy of insurance to be the decisive points. You can cover a good dental insurance quotes online you will really need to use to make their decisions.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Particulars of a Health Insurance Policy to Take Note of

Your family is the crux of your life. It is what stands by you through thick and thin. Providing for the safety, protection and medical treatment of the family is your core responsibility. Children are the central of your family. They need proper care just as a budding plant needs protection against predators. Healthcare protection for your child or children is one of the must-dos for you as a responsible parent. So, get your child’s health insured with a health insurance policy.

Children are prone to suffer from some or the other disease while passing through the stages of physical growth and development. They are in the need of basic health care every now and then. If a health problem that is minor in childhood is neglected, it may take a mighty shape and become deadly when your child is an adolescent. With a health insurance plan in your child’s name, you do not have to empty your pocket for medical treatment several times a year.

A children health insurance program should be worth an investment in terms of benefits. You are supposed to make the most of your investment only when a healthcare insurance policy ensures a max of benefits and coverage options. Take an account of the limit to the coverage options that a policy of your choice is supposed to provide. Review the details of the policy document to check out if the coverage options are only for short-term or long-term diseases.

The duration of a health insurance plan is an important matter to take note of. If your child is afflicted with a chronic illness and the duration of the policy is no longer enough to provide for the long-term treatment, the policy is of limited use for you. So, it is crucial to purchase a healthcare plan in keeping with your needs and requirements.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let Your Diet Chart Incorporate Foods to Increase Height

Are you feeling down in dumps because of your short height? Disappointment creeps into your mind when you stand before the mirror and catch a glimpse of your stubby exterior. Tall height along with well-built physique, beefy muscles and toned body outline adds to the impression of one’s masculine personality. Many do long to wear such an image that the opposite sex finds attractive. You too can grow in height by a few inches. Free tips to increase height are available for your benefit.

Physical activity and eating habit are equally important as height boosters. Physical exercises stimulate the secretion of growth hormone that is responsible for our overall growth and height increase. Physical workout alone is not enough to get you the desired height. The diet that we feed on in daily life can contribute to increasing height, if it consists of natural and nutritious foods. Foods to increase height are nutritionally rich in the content.

The nutritional core of foods works as a stimulant to trigger the functioning of the gland that produces the growth hormone. Make it a must to review your daily diet chart and check the nutritional properties of the foods that the diet chart includes. A balanced diet is the diet including foods that are nutritionally high but low in calories. One of the foods to increase height is yogurt. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, yogurt is a natural height booster.

Among the free tips to increase height is daily intake of multi-vitamin foods. Calcium, protein, magnesium and iron are essential nutrients for the growth of body in height. Milk, eggs and meats have a rich content of those nutrients which boost the boney dimension of the body. Make sure to let your diet chart incorporate these foods. Drink water in plenty. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis. It benefits in many ways. Apart from foods, water also has a role to play in increasing height. Water helps the blood distribute the nutritional properties that we get from foods, throughout the body that in turn, helps us grow taller by a few inches. The beneficial aspect of water is no less than that of foods to increase height.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight Loss

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Herbal remedies and natural remedies for helping you to lose your weight and maintain your body shape. Weight loss Center knows whether you are overweight detailed weight information given to lose weight easily forever. They provide affordable plan easy tired of constantly being bombarded through the media with the latest weight loss fads see why many dieters are going back to the basics with natural weight loss remedies. Weight loss get expert diet and weight loss advice to help you shed pounds and cut calories and fat make small changes for big results with msn health & fitness.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top Health Tips To Maintain Your Health

Use below tips and achieves a higher level of health. These tips help you maintain your good health and get health insurance quotes.

1. Quit Smoking
You know smoking is very harmful to your health, Peoples have been reducing their use of tobacco products that kill. Smoking harm you’re circulatory and respiratory system after your take first puff.

2. Pollution Effects
Try to protect your health from the Pollution. Make your daily routine to do exercise outside or inside in your home on earlier morning.

3. Drinking Effects
Try to avoid excessive drinking. In recently research found a glass of wine a day can help to protect against heart disease, but more than it cause many health problems such as liver and kidney disease and cancer.

4. Drink More Water
Water is very important for your good health. You can live three weeks without food, but you can live only for three days without water. Make your routine to drink 10-11 glass of water daily.

5. Take Good Foods
Eat healthy foods is more important to maintain your health. Try to eat different colored fruits and vegetables. Proteins are protecting your body from illnesses and many diseases.

6. Keep Your Mind Stress Free
We know today life is very busy and full of stress. But try to keep your mind stress free because stress is mother of many diseases.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Effects Of Smoking On Our Health

All knows smoking harm many parts of the body and each can feel either long term or short-term effects. We have given below some common effects of smoking on different parts of the body.

Circulatory System:

Short Term- This system is immediately affected after your take first puff. Smoking increases your blood pressure, raises your heart bit, decreases your blood flow and much more.

Long Term- You has coronary heart disease, hardening of the arteries in the brain, heart and more, Arteriosclerosis and peripheral artery disease due to long-term restrictions.

Respiratory System:

Short Term- After you take your first drag of a cigarette you will notice the coughing, irritation of the eyes, nose or throat and have trouble breathing. Smoking can also irritate any allergies you may presently have.

Long Term- You may experience infections or cancer of the larynx and your chances of suffering the following are doubled for those who smoke:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Overcome Depression....

In my first post I tell you who to know you suffering from depression or not? In this post I tell you how to overcome depression.

Your wisdom helps you if you are depressed and angry. Wisdom explains the meaning of life and death, and gives you many answers to questions you didn't even think of asking. It shows you have much you have yet to do and learn.

Some of the violent acts have been linked to persons that have been taking medication for depression. Whether you believe any of this or not it is definitely your choice and I urge you to do the research yourself.

Speak to someone and share your view in positive conversations because during a time of depression you need to surround yourself with positive thoughts and deeds. Try to do something positively creative and not come on your mind negative thoughts.

Think about your main problems and try to find some solutions. You may have a brilliant idea at a moment of inspiration, while observing someone or something in your daily life.

Now a day’s people don't do much physical labor. That’s why exercise is necessary and tries to add this in your daily life routine. Its help to increase blood flow and metabolism in body which generates energy.

Use those things and you found your life starts changing, the same way that your behavior changes when you analyze your dreams, while you learn how to be sensible and sensitive, developing your intelligence.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Are You Suffering From Depression

Now a day’s people are suffering from lots of disease and problems. Depression is one of them. It’s a very big problem to our society and any one disturber about this. Given below some tips to know you are suffering from depression or not?

1. Are you feeling totally withdrawn from the regular pleasures of life?
2. Are you forgetting an awful lot of things with no recollection at all even afterwards?
3. Do you find that you cannot sleep at all or very little during the night?
4. Do you find that you have lost your appetite?

If you have one or more of these questions answered with 'yes' then you are suffering from depression. Get hold of yourself and get professional help!

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